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CognitiveSEO Review

A Backlink Checker & Link Analysis Tool Rating:  (5/5 Ticks) by Tony McCreath I recently came across the CognitiveSEO Tools via a question someone posted on Google+. As I work on my own Backlink Analysis Tool and have been hit by Penguin, I thought it would be worth doing their 2-week trial. The Trial Two weeks is not long when you have

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Link Building Brainstorm

Creative eCommerce link-building ideas

9 Respected SEOs brainstorm eCommerce link-building ideas The other day I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a hangout run by Dejan Marketing called Mindmapping Meaningful Link Opportunities. I ended up being even luckier when they decided to use one of my client’s websites as the focus of the Hangout. Finding great link-building ideas

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Google Penguin Chart

The Google Penguin Penalty

and my road to Recovery…Hopefully On Tuesday, April 24, 2012, this website suffered a significant drop in Google-sourced traffic. The new algorithm they introduced was quickly given the name Penguin and started a mass of speculation amongst SEOs. Here I chronicle my actions to try and get myself out of the Penguin Prison. I didn’t panic. Luckily

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Google Analytics Hostname Hijackers

Who’s Hijacking your Analytics Code?

A question on Quora entitled “What happens if I put someone else’s Google Analytics code on my website?” triggered a train of thought and investigation that made me discover things about how Google Analytics treats its Hostname Dimension and, because of that, how you can discover which other domains are using your Google Analytics tracking code. Is it possible?

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